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Clever ways to re-use our paper bags

Elliott Packaging are continually looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact

We are totally committed to maintaining our position as a market leader in eco-friendly packaging products. We have a strict in-house policy on which paper mills we use, so all our paper is sourced exclusively from FSC credited factories, which means the paper comes from sustainable forests – this is a critical element to our paper bag making operation. All our paper waste is sent to UK based recycling plants and only water based inks are used in our highly efficient print division.

All our paper mailing bags and paper carrier bags are 100% compostable and fully recyclable in your kerbside collection, which means you can feel safe in the knowledge that when the time eventually comes to throw them away, they are a truly eco-friendly product. But before that time comes here are some clever and creative ways to re-use a paper bag before you throw it away!

  • Use a bag to line your kitchen compost bin
  • Help keep potatoes fresher for longer store them in a bag in the dark!
  • Cut a bag into squares and use as notepaper.
  • Open a bag out and use to suppress weeds in your garden.
  • Have some fun with the kids and make an origami boat, hat or even a kite!

Our eco-friendly paper mailing bags and paper carrier bags are just part of the many ways we are striving to become the most eco-friendly packaging manufacturer in the world. Our goal is to help our planet as much as we can and to continue as a driving force and market leader for eco-friendly packaging products.

Get in touch with the team if you would like to find out more.

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