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Block bottom bags

Our block bottom bags traditionally self-stand with the card base, so are perfect for on-shelf presentation and convenient storage.

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Manufactured from OPP (oriented polypropylene material), this type of packaging is perfect for the food industry, particular for delicatessens, sweet shops and homemade bakery products. Block bottom bags can be sealed by a heat sealer or simply tied at the top with string, ribbon or tape.

Why block bottom bags?

Additional laminate layers are available to creating an extra barrier for your content.

Available to order with an optional card base which helps the bag stand alone.

Make your products with on-shelf standing presentation.


Our block bottom bags are made from OPP (oriented polypropylene) material, this means they can be produced in a range of thickness options. As an extra, we can also provide a laminate layer to these type of bags which will improve their barrier properties.

Printing Options

Due to OPP being a clear material, it can be printed as standard or can be printed 100% to achieve a coloured bag. All block bottom bags can be printed up to 8 spot colours or 4 colour process. These bags can have a matte or glossy finish and can also have an added hot foil print.


Here are some of our stock crimp bottom back lap seal bag sizes:


With a silver card base:

90mm x 160mm

100mm x 180mm

100mm x 220mm

120mm x 275mm

140mm x 160mm

170mm x 320mm

210mm x 385mm

250mm x 375mm


Without a card base:

95mm x 165mm

100mm x 190mm

115mm x 210mm

120mm x 225mm

130mm x 240mm

145mm x 225mm

160mm x 250mm


Most block bottom bags are typically used within the food industry, particularly for the following hospitality industries.


Confectionery products such as homemade and bakery items

Delicatessens and sweet shops

Display and giveaway food products at events and trading shows

Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

NOTE: Minimum quantity subject to specification

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