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Wet and dry wipes

Elliott Packaging supply both plain and printed film on the real which is perfect for wet and dry wipes packaging.

Elliott packaging, your eco-friendly packaging supplier

Our film can be used on form and fill machines which are used to efficiently pack multiple and single pack wet or dry wipes.

Why wet and dry wipes packaging?

Available in individual packs or bulk multiple packs

Ideal for everyday use in many different industries

Eligible to order wet and dry wipes as printed packaging


We can supply the following wet and dry wipes materials plain or printed on the reel/roll.

Cast Polypropylene (CPP)

Oriented polypropylene (OPP)

Polythene – Low, medium and high density. LDPE MDPE HDPE


Degradable Films

Autoclave films

Anti-fog Films


Coloured and tinted films

We can supply film on the reel in the following formats to suit your form and fill machine and packaging style:


Folded Film – J-fold or center-fold


Horizontal and vertical (fill form and seal) HFFS and VFFS


We supply printed film on the roll. This means both our wet and dry wipes packaging are eligible for printing. We print our film using flexographic technologies using only the best printing plates and machinery. We can print film up to 8 spot colours or a 4 colour process using CMYK.


Our film on the reel can be as small as 150mm wide or as wide as 1240mm and there are no restrictions when it comes to print repeat length. We require your reel specification upon quoting.


Our film packaging can be used for wet and dry wipes in a number of different sectors. These include healthcare, beauty, household, hospitality plus many more. Wet and dry wipes can be used for a several different uses including;

Disinfectant Wipes

Hard Surface Cleaning Wipes

VDU/Screen Cleaning Wipe

Hardware Sanitising Wipes

Hand Sanitising Wipes

Hand Cleaning Wipes

Insect Repellent Wipes

Glass Cleaning Wipes


Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork. NOTE: Minimum quantity subject to specification