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PPE Clear Polypropylene Bags

With wearing face masks in both shops and supermarkets now mandatory, there is now a high demand in clear polypropylene bags.

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With wearing face masks in both shops and supermarkets now mandatory, there is now a high demand in clear polypropylene bags. Also known as clear grip seal bags, these type of bags are strong, reliable and resuable packaging. Not only are they perfect for securing products such as PPE equipment, they are also widely used to supply face masks with the clear material displaying no product is compromised once it has been sealed.

Why clear polypropylene bags?

Supplied in any size to suit the style of the face mask

Optional permanent adhesive strip or grip-seal closure.

Typically supplied in 2-3 weeks, less time than any other product


Our clear polypropylene bags (PPE clear bags) are made from either clear polypropylene or clear polythene material. Both are eco-friendly recyclable film so do not need to be conscious about your environmental footprint.

Each of our clear polypropylene bags are manufactured as simple flat side weld bags that are either supplied with a permanent adhesive strip or with a grip-seal closure.

Depending on which material you choose, our grip seal bags can be manufactured in a range of thicknesses to protect face masks and other PPE equipment, but we recommend 65 micron as a minimum material choice.


Yes, our clear polypropylene bags can be supplied as both plain and printed versions.

If you decide to go with our printed versions, we print up to 8 spot pantone colours both sides 100% coverage. Printed resealable plastic bags are perfect is you want to promote your products if you are selling masks or other PPE equipment online as you can market your branding and products as they go through the postal system. You can also market seasonal promotions so change your printing.


Our grip seal bags are available to order in any size. Elliott Packaging can manufacture these products in any size to suit the size of your face masks.


Due to the high demand of face masks packaging, this type of packaging is predominantly used to securely store and seal PPE equipment such as face masks. However, grip seal packaging has been used in a variety of different industries before this which include;


PPE Equipment such as face masks, gloves etc…

Securing important documents and paperwork



Arts & Crafts

Supermarket Products

You can also view similar products such as our Grip Seal Bags or Polypropylene Bags to see further uses.

Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. Typically, these products will be supplied in 2-3 weeks. Due to high demand, this is a much faster process than any other products we supply which take 3-4 weeks.

NOTE: Minimum quantity subject to specification