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Kraft Paper Mailing Bags: The Perfect Choice for a Greener Planet.

Fully sustainable and completely compostable kraft mailing bags are the perfect choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

Not only do they offer a robust solution for your e-commerce mailing bag requirements, but they are a perfect way for you to showcase your desire to be completely eco friendly and send out a positive message that your organisation cares about how you operate and makes a positive impact on the planet.

Kraft paper mailing bags can be made in any size and only water based inks and water based adhesives are used in the production process and only FSC paper is used to ensure that the result is a truly eco-friendly market leader. Both 100% compostable and completely recyclable.

A bespoke kraft paper mailing bag enhances the unpacking experience for your customers which will set your brand apart from the competition.

Kraft paper mailing bags are available in two styles, either with a bottom gusset or side gussets which allows for expansion when packing bulkier items, they are produced with either one or two (for returns) strong adhesive strips which guarantees complete security whilst in transit.

Kraft paper mailing bags can be used for:

  • Craft/Art Supplies
  • Books and Documents
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • DIY Products
  • And so much more!

These are just a few of the product areas that Kraft paper mailing bags can be used for, to find out more take a look at our paper mailing bag page or get in touch with the team.

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