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Packaging film

Elliott Packaging supply a variety of packaging film such as film on the reel for form and fill machines.

Elliott packaging, your eco-friendly packaging supplier

We can produce packaging film on the reel which has three layers of co-extruded film. We supply laminated films that are typically used for products such as wet wipe, dry wipe and for food produce. As always, our packaging film on the reel can be printed to your bespoke specification.

Why packaging film?

Available in individual packs or bulk multiple packs.

Ideal for everyday use in many different industries.

Eligible to order wet and dry wipes as printed packaging.


Our packaging film can be manufactured and printed in a number of different material options. Please contact Elliott Packaging to discuss which packaging film will best suite your product needs. We offer the following materials;








Barrier Films



There are no print restrictions on our packaging film on the reel. As always, you can print up to 8 spot colours and 4 colours process print.


Our packaging film is mainly used for form and fill machines for various products used in a number of different industries including


Industrial machines and transporting stock

Food industry, such as both fresh and frozen produce

Household items

Arts & Craft

Retail and on the high street.

Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

NOTE: Minimum quantity subject to specification