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Paper counter bags

We specialise in providing a complete range of environmentally friendly paper counter bags

Elliott packaging, your eco-friendly packaging supplier

Ensure your business is eco-friendly by choosing our paper counter bags. Manufactured from kraft paper, these high quality printed flat paper bags are fully recyclable, sustainable and ethical. Available in a variety of colours, these types of bags are found in various retailers, supermarkets, delis, bakeries and café’s. Suitable for printing, our paper bag products can be personalised with your branding, logo and colours.

Why paper counter bags?

Eligible as food grade, these are perfect paper carrier bags for bakery’s and takeaways. Created with wax coating to add an extra layer of coating to protect your products. Perfect for protecting small retail products such as jewellery or gift items.



This style of flat paper counter bags can be printed up to 8 spot colours. Alternatively, we can also process print both sides. We would only recommend printing dark colours on brown kraft but there are no restrictions when printing on white.


Our flat paper counter bags come in the following sizes:

7″ (Width) x 7″ (Height)

8.5″ (Width) x 8.5″ (Height)

10″ (Width) x 10″ (Height)

12″ (Width) x 12″ (Height)


If you need a bespoke size, please get in touch with our sales team.

Uses for paper counter bags

Much like our paper sweet bags, paper counter bags have become popular as a Quirky and memorable give-away for business opportunities. They are also widely used in the following sectors.

Food industry including grocers, bakeries and deli’s

Gift, Craft and Retail shops.

Garden centres.

Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.

NOTE: Minimum quantity subject to specification