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Clip close handle carrier bags

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Clip close handle carrier bags have a durable rigid clip closure handle which clips together to provide extra protection for the contents inside. Clip close handle carrier bags can be customized and are usually made from polythene so are a popular amongst our plastic carrier bags products.

Why clip close handle carrier bags?

Clip close handle carrier bags keep contents inside the bag very secure. The clip close handle is made from a sturdy plastic which easily seals and re-seals. Clip close handles come in a range of colours to suit your brand. Clip close handle bags can be printed up to 8 spot colours or process print.


Clip close handle bags can be made from a range of materials but usually they are made from polythene due to its durability. We can use white, clear or coloured polythene. Elliott Packaging can produce these products in any thickness but would recommend 50 micron and above.


Clip close bags can be printed up to 6 spot colours or process print both sides. We can print the bag 100% to achieve the desired colour. We also have the shulman range available for coloured bags.

Handles & Seals

Clip close handle poly bags are fitted with a plastic clip handle. We stock a few styles of clip close handle. Please see our ‘Handles & Seals’ page for options. These handles have a clicking mechanism to keep them closed and secure. Handles come in black and white plastic as standard but other colours can be ordered if desired.


Our clip close handle bags are bespoke products so can be manufactured in almost any size to suite your business needs.


Clip close handle carrier are known for being the best type of plastic carrier bags to store and keep documents contained safely. They have become increasingly popular in the following fields;


Document holder

Clothing documents

Schools and education


Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 3-4 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.


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