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Kraft pouches

Kraft pouches are a great eco-friendly option for businesses who are conscious of the environment.

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Also known as compostable pouches, our kraft pouches are great for supplying products such as tea, coffee, confectionery, powders and much more. Our kraft pouches compost in approximately 85 days and can be manufactured to a size with optional printing.

Why kraft pouches

Minimum kraft pouch orders from as little as 50,000 units.

Eco-friendly pouch product alternative that will compost in approximately 85 days.

Compostable pouches are used in a wide variety of industries.


Our kraft pouches are manufactured from brown kraft paper. Here is the material specification for our compostable kraft pouches:

paper/compostable met pet/ natureflex pe.


Our compostable, kraft stand up pouches are eligible as part of our printed pouches collection. Minimum order quantities for printed kraft pouches start from 50,000 units.

Handles & Seals

These oxo-degradable bags come with a resealable grip seal. Grip seals are great to keep products fresh. The zipper/grip seal is also oxo-degradable.


Twisted paper handle bags are bespoke and can be made in any size to meet your individual needs.

Here are our most popular sizes:


Width x Gusset x Height

240mm x 110mm x 310mm

260mm x 130mm x 350mm

320mm x 130mm x 420mm


Compostable Eco friendly kraft pouches are great for products such as:






Pet Food


Protein products (powders)

Lead Times & Quantities

Approximately 8 weeks subject to stock and specification.