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Stand up pouches

Stand up pouches are the most popular and cost-effective pouch packaging style.

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Also referred as doypacks, stand-up pouches are becoming increasing popular in most major UK supermarkets due to their versatility. With the ability to use for food products, medial and beauty products, this type of pouch packaging is highly suitable for any product needing a barrier. Our stand up pouches are eligible for printing with any given design.


Elliot Packaging now offer a complete recyclable version of our stand up pouch products to.

Why stand up pouches?

Versatility, suitable to protect hot, cold, wet and dry products.

Excellent quality products guaranteed having passed rigorous quality check upon dispatch.

Perfect for online and start-up businesses who want to stand items through the post.


Our stand up pouches can be manufactured in a wide variety of material options. All doypacks are manufactured so they are suitable to store hot or cold fill and wet of dry products. You can also have added barriers to extend shelf-life.

Please contact Elliott Packaging and speak to a member of the team to discuss which stand up pouch material is best suited to your product specifications.


Regardless of material choice, all stand up pouches are eligible as printed pouches with endless options. We can print either rotogravure or digital on a stand up pouch. There are no restrictions to colours and we can add extras such as matte lacquers and metallic inks.

Handles & Seals

Grip Seal

Zip Lock

Easy open tear notches

Non slip finish

UV Light Barrier


Having become popular in most major supermarkets, stand up pouches have become increasingly popular due it’s adaptability. Typical uses of doypacks include;


Hot and cold Food

Wet and Dry product packaging

Fishing goods

Animal food and products


Lead Times & Quantities

Free UK Delivery. 4-6 Weeks approximately from signed off artwork.