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Sustainable packaging to consider during the pandemic

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, more and more businesses have continued to press ahead with plans to improve eco friendly packaging solutions.

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With e-commerce sales reaching record figures, both national and local businesses have had to rethink existing marketing strategies in favour of boosting online sales which also leads to seeking more sustainable packaging solutions to send products through the post to reduce their carbon footprint.


Speaking as sustainable packaging suppliers, we can honestly tell you that during the pandemic, over the last 12 months 90% of all enquiries have come directly from businesses that are asking for eco friendly packaging versions of their current packaging. To add to this, statistics also show on average 80% of consumers are looking to reduce plastic waste.


Although some businesses have been hit harder by the economy climate by withdrawing from the high-street and become an ‘online-only business, new local businesses have also flourished by their products in demand.


With this in mind, we thought we would put together a handy eco friendly packaging guide on what sustainable packaging solutions we can offer businesses who want to replace their current packaging for businesses surviving the pandemic and looking to reopening once restrictions start easing. We will also be offering guidance on what sustainable ecommerce packaging options are out there for new businesses during the pandemic