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Stand-Up Pouches – now eco-friendly!

With marketing, sustainability and functional advantages over other types of packaging, Stand-up pouches are gaining in popularity.

Now they can also tick the eco-friendly box as a kraft paper pouch is also now available. This option is lined on the inside with a plant based PLA film and is already proving to be a hit with a multitude of different product types.

You may have read in recent news that stand-up pouches are gaining steam in the flexible packaging world. In fact, according to recent reports the demand for stand-up pouches is forecast to expand 6.5% annually, reaching the £12 billion mark by 2025.

Why all the buzz?

Stand-up pouches have many usp’s, they are lightweight, easy to ship, and they require less material use when compared to rigid containers. Our customers find they look great on shelves, they’re easy to reclose and store, and the pouch nozzles make contents simple to dispense, without any spills.

What’s interesting to note about the trend in stand-up pouches is their increasing use in non-food applications. Although the food and beverage market accounted for 70% of pouch demand in 2023, it’s conceivable that non-food markets could surpass that market share in the next decade.

Take laundry detergent or packaging for refill soaps and household cleaners, for example. They have started to emerge all over retail shelves. In the medical field, stand-up pouches can be used for single-use gels or ointment applications. Automotive markets can use them to package motor oils etc.

From the manufacturers point of view stand up pouches are an inexpensive way to showcase their products and ensure customer satisfaction. They also let the consumer squeeze out the last ounce out of product from the pouch!

With so many possibilities Elliott Packaging’s question to you is this: what could your (food or non-food) application benefit from a stand-up pouch?

If you need help brainstorming please get in touch with the team!

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