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Stand Up Pouches – The Complete Guide

Stand-up pouches are a type of packaging used to hold a wide range of products.

They are bags that, thanks to their particular structure, stand on their own. It is their shape that makes them a particularly popular and flexible option on supermarket shelves, as they are able to make the pouch’s graphics and brand stand out and capture the attention of consumers. Competition to win customers’ interest is always fierce, often with the quality of the product being identified with the quality of the packaging, so it is therefore essential to create eye-catching packaging that stands out from the competition. Stand-up pouch packaging is a viable option in this case. Its many benefits make it one of the most popular solutions used by both large and small retailers and the food industry is one of its largest users. The stand-up pouch sector is expected to hit revenues of over £40 Billion by 2030.


Despite its slim and lightweight appearance, each stand-up pouch has a structure consisting of 2 or 3 layers of film laminated together. These are aligned and heat-sealed to form a combined multi-layer structure. Each layer provides a protective barrier, protecting and preserving the contents from external factors. The outer layer, depending on requirements, is generally composed of PET, OPP, NY or KRAFT. On the one hand, this communicates the brand and its promotional message, and on the other hand, it makes it more difficult to puncture the carton during handling. Furthermore, even in the event of a puncture, the tear is hardly likely to reach the contents of the product. The middle layer provides a protective barrier. The choice of material used depends on the packaged product and thus the level of barrier needed. The inner layer is extremely important, especially when used for food packaging. The inner layer is in fact the material that comes into contact with the product.

The advantages of using stand-up pouches

More and more people are switching from rigid to flexible packaging. Stand-up pouches are the flexible solution par excellence and have many advantages. In particular they stand out for the following reasons:

Graphics and shelf impact: 

The unique shape and large printable area provide space to highlight branding elements, logos or promotional messages. Extensive customisation and flexibility allow brands to create eye-catching packaging that stands out from the competitors. The largest printable area of the bag is upright and customer-facing.


Packaging protects your items from contact with air, moisture, light and parasites. This helps to extend the freshness of the products and prevent possible external contamination. The puncture-resistant film also protects your products during transport. The resealable closures help to prolong the life of the food.

Extension of product shelf life

Protection from external agents guarantees the extension of product shelf life and freshness of the packaged product.


Stand-up pouches are one of the most versatile types of packaging. In fact, they are an excellent solution for the storage of a large number of products. Dried fruit, supplements, pet food, to name but a few.

Ease of storage and transport

They offer substantial savings in distribution and storage costs. Compared to traditional rigid packaging, they are lightweight and space saving. In fact, the packages can be easily piled up and stored in large quantities.


Flexible packaging uses less material, energy and water in its production. The packages can also be recyclable or biodegradable without affecting safety or quality. In additional, the reduced weight and more compact dimensions reduce fuel emissions during transport.

Improved customer experience

​​​​​​​The flexible design, light weight and small footprint are particularly appreciated by customers. The possibility of catching a glimpse of the packaged product and the numerous customisation possibilities are other important elements. Resealable closures help to extend the life of food, reduce waste and improve the customer experience.

Types of pouches

Stand-up pouch bags can be used to pack a wide range of products. Their versatility allows them to be adapted to various dimensions and shapes, making them suitable for packaging different types of products. Depending on the type, its properties and the customer’s requirements, we can differentiate between different types of packaging. Some of the most popular stand-up pouches used in the flexible packaging sector are:

Stand up pouches

They are designed for high-end (premium) products.
The top of the bag can open fully on all four sides, greatly enhancing its effectiveness.
The flat bottom and vertical side gussets ensure stability and attractive display on shop shelves.

Doypack pouches

Doypack pouches are usually made of materials that offer a good barrier against moisture, oxygen and light, thus protecting the contents from external agents. This type of packaging is often used for dry foodstuffs such as pet kibble, snacks, cereals, dried fruit and the like. The closure of Doypack pouches can vary but they are often produced with a zip or pressure seal that allows them to be closed even after opening to keep the freshness of the product longer. These bags are popular for their practicality, ease of use and capacity to attract consumers’ attention due to their distinctive shape.

Gusset pouches

These are bags with a side inward fold, known as a ‘gusset’, which allows the bag to expand when full. This design provides more capacity and interior space, allowing the bag to better accommodate a larger amount of products. The gusset also extends to the bottom, allowing the bag to maintain a square or rectangular shape both when empty or semi-empty and when full.

Ziplock bags

Zipped reseaable bags are generally flexible bags made of materials such as plastic or laminated film. These bags are equipped with a zip fastener that allows them to be easily opened and resealed. They are used to package a variety of products, including food, chemicals, medicines and other goods. The distinguishing feature of these bags is the presence of a zip fastener, which offers a more convenient opening and closing option than traditional sealed bags,once opened. This design allows users to access the contents of the bag several times without compromising the freshness or quality of the product. These are therefore practical solutions for product storage and distribution, providing effective protection against factors such as moisture, light and oxidation.

Stand up pouch applications

The great versatility of stand-up pouches makes an exhaustive classification of all its fields of application difficult.

Its use is widespread in various fields such as:

  • Storage of foods such as snacks, biscuits, dried fruit and sweets.
  • In the sugar, spices, milk powder, coffee, cereals and tea sector.
  • Beverage industry

To find out more about our range of pouches and other types of packaging, please get in touch with the team.

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