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What will the packaging trends be in 2024?

Elliott Packaging’s take on where the industry is moving.

Sustainable materials and eco-friendly options like biodegradable, fully compostable alternatives and minimalist packaging will dominate the packaging industry in 2024. Embracing these trends not only benefits the environment but also aligns businesses with growing consumer demands for greener solutions.

Managing Director Nick Elliott says:

“During the past 12 months we continue to see our customers moving towards more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our paper bag sales now equates to 30% of our total output, only three years ago this figure was under 5%, this is a mix of our ever popular twisted handle paper carrier bags, rope handle paper carrier bags and paper mailing bags, the paper we use is always from sustainable sources. Our film sales which includes carrier bags, mailing bags, euro-slot header bags, display bags and pouches has seen a move towards films containing recycled content and biodegradable additives. The industry is certainly moving into a greener future and we are committed to maintaining our position as a market leader in eco-friendly packaging..”

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