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Branded Mailing Bags

branded mailing bags

A popular and cost-effective marketing tool. At Elliott Packaging we know just how popular our branded mailing bags are with our customers, they are one of our most popular lines and one of our most requested items. With more people than ever choosing to order items online the retailer demand for bespoke mailing bags has […]

Biodegradable carrier bags

biodegradable carrier bags 2024

Biodegradable carrier bags are a type of bag designed to break down naturally over time, reducing environmental impact compared to traditional plastic bags. These type of bags are made from materials that can decompose through natural processes, such as microbial action, sunlight, and moisture. Here are some key points about biodegradable carrier bags: Materials: Bioplastics: […]

Packaging legislation to be aware of in 2024

Nick elliott discusses trends in packaging

Keeping up to date with the latest legislation that applies in the packaging industry is not an easy task! The UK Government are bringing in sweeping reforms around packaging waste, so it’s a good time to try and understand what packaging related regulations you should know about in 2024. In this article I will look […]

Twisted Paper Handle Carrier Bags

twisted paper handle carrier bags

A packaging best seller Twisted paper handle carrier bags are one of our best selling carrier bags and output during 2024 is expected to hit record levels. Over 4,000,000 were supplied to UK retailers in 2023 and the 5,000,000 figure is expected to be surpassed during 2024. Twisted paper handle carrier bags are 100% recyclable […]

Packaging trends to watch out for in 2024

packaging trends in 2024

What does the future hold for packaging in 2024 and beyond? Nick Elliott, Managing Director of Elliott Packaging takes a look at the innovations and trends to look out for. At the beginning of a new year, it’s always important for business owners to reflect on their strategic priorities and consider where they can make […]

Carrier Bags – What’s new in 2024!

carrier bags 2024

Usage in the UK of single use plastic carriers bags is down by a huge 98% and as a result more and more retailers are turning to either fully compostable paper carrier bags or more eco-friendly polythene versions. Elliott Packaging are able to supply a complete range of both paper carrier bags (FSC graded) and […]

Who actually uses paper mailing bags?

who uses our paper mailing bags

A variety of sectors use paper mailing bags, online clothing businesses are one great example. Paper mailing bags come in a variety of sizes and have a strong single (or double – for returns) permanent seal on the lip to help keep the product safe inside. From clothing and jewellery to technology businesses, the market […]

Printed Grip Seal Bags

printed grip seal bags

Elliott Packaging have been manufacturing grip seal bags since the company was founded in 1996 and are now able to offer a complete range of this very popular point of sale bag. Printed grip-seal bags are available in clear or opaque polythene films, crystal clear cast polypropylene film and also in a laminated pouch format […]

Get eco-friendly when buying your bespoke packaging

eco friendly packaging

As a company Elliott Packaging are actively growing and becoming more eco-friendly. People are turning their back on single use plastic packaging options and are now actively looking for more eco-friendly solutions to their packaging requirements. The UK uses 5 million tonnes of plastics each year, half of this figure is packaging, and if its […]

Packaging trends for 2024

packaging trends

We take a look at what next year has to offer in terms of new packaging products and trends. 1) Reusable and sustainable packaging Having sustainable packaging not only protects the environment, but will help your brand stand out with a good message. But this year, the trend of eco-friendliness goes beyond sustainable packaging. More […]