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Carrier Bags – What’s new in 2024!

Usage in the UK of single use plastic carriers bags is down by a huge 98% and as a result more and more retailers are turning to either fully compostable paper carrier bags or more eco-friendly polythene versions.

Elliott Packaging are able to supply a complete range of both paper carrier bags (FSC graded) and eco-friendly film carrier bags including fully compostable potato starch carrier bags and 100% recycled polythene carrier bags.

In 2023 paper carrier bags were the biggest seller with production levels up a massive 69% on 2022 output levels, 2024 figures are forecasted to continue to grow as more and more retailers turn to paper carrier bags as their preferred option.

The most popular choice is the twisted paper handle carrier bag which is available in a range of sizes, the two most commonly used sizes are 320x130x420mm and 450x130x460mm. Depending on the required specification lead times are in the region of three weeks and any given design can be printed as this is the ideal way to help promote your brand.

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