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Who actually uses paper mailing bags?

A variety of sectors use paper mailing bags, online clothing businesses are one great example.

Paper mailing bags come in a variety of sizes and have a strong single (or double – for returns) permanent seal on the lip to help keep the product safe inside. From clothing and jewellery to technology businesses, the market sectors are vast that currently use our paper mailing bags.

The consumer will always value a company more who is taking the eco-friendly approach, as more and more people are not wanting to see unnecessary plastic involved in their purchases.
The packaging products we choose to use affects the entire global supply chain, the environment and consumer attitudes. Choosing the eco-friendly option will impact your companies eco and carbon footprint and the view your customers will have towards you.

Paper mailing bags might seem like only a very small choice at the out set but so many products are today sold online and are sent in mailing bags, changing to paper mailing bags would see a reduction in the 2.5 million tonnes of plastic circulating in the UK, littering our homes, landfill sites and engulfing our environment.

Elliott Packaging are dedicated to providing eco-friendly options for everyone.
For more information on our complete range of eco-friendly mailing bag options please get in contact with our award winning sales team on 01606 350036 or sales@elliottpackaging.co.uk

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