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Get eco-friendly when buying your bespoke packaging

As a company Elliott Packaging are actively growing and becoming more eco-friendly.

People are turning their back on single use plastic packaging options and are now actively looking for more eco-friendly solutions to their packaging requirements.

The UK uses 5 million tonnes of plastics each year, half of this figure is packaging, and if its not reused or recycled the packaging is not just around for a year. Unless you are using our environmentally friendly polythene alternative mailing bags, most plastics do not break down in an environmentally friendly way.

There has been a surge in the way that we shop online so this has meant a rapid increase in the use of mailing bags so it is critical that businesses make the right choice and use a material that is right for both their product AND the environment.

Paper mailing bags are the perfect choice for becoming more eco-friendly, they are affordable and tick all the right environmentally friendly boxes. Elliott Packaging are able to offer any type of paper mailing bag and can manufacture to a specification that will perfectly suit your product.

Paper mailing bags can be filled with a product and shipped to anywhere in the world, we currently export to every continent and are the market leader in this field.

Being able to manufacture our paper mailing bags in the UK is great news for our UK customers as this helps to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. They offer the same protection as their plastic alternative but have a reduced ecological impact when the packaging no longer has a use, they can be fully recycled and are also completely compostable. There is no oil involved in the breakdown process and the kraft paper is actually stronger than a traditional plastic mailing bag! We also make sure that the actual kraft paper itself is purchased from sustainable sources.

Get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements, we are here to help!

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