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Printed Grip Seal Bags

Elliott Packaging have been manufacturing grip seal bags since the company was founded in 1996 and are now able to offer a complete range of this very popular point of sale bag.

Printed grip-seal bags are available in clear or opaque polythene films, crystal clear cast polypropylene film and also in a laminated pouch format when the bag needs to have excellent barrier properties. A completely compostable pouch version is also available in a kraft paper.
The most popular printed grip-seal bag is the polythene (LDPE) version, this film type is completely recyclable and can also be manufactured containing recycled content, ranging from 30% to a completely 100% recycled version.

A euro-slot can be applied into the header area of the bag and this then makes the bag able to hang in store on display. Printed grip-seal bags can be heat-sealed closed just above the grip-seal closure and just below the euro-slot, this then makes the bag completely tamper proof, if needs be. For easy opening a perforated tear line can be applied just below the heat seal line.
Printed grip-seal bags (any version) can be (flexo) printed in any given design, this makes the bags perfect for show casing your branding and is the perfect way to promote your product.

Lead times for our printed grip-seal bags (depending on the specification) varies from 3 to 6 weeks and together with our mailing bags and carrier bags are our biggest sellers with volumes expected to rise again in 2024. For a bespoke quotation, please get in touch with the team. View our complete product range here.

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