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High Clarity Cast Polypropylene Bags

Clear high clarity cast polypropylene bags have been the preferred choice of the textile industry since the 1970’s.

Cast polypropylene bags can be produced in a variety of film thicknesses, typically ranging from 38micron to 70micron and are used across a range of sectors including shirt manufacturers, bedding suppliers and t-shirt stockists. The crystal clear film helps to show off the product extremely well and can be manufactured in any size and printed with any given design. Cast Polypropylene is also an option for our euro-slot bags and other packaging products.

The bags can also be supplied with a hook (that are available in a range of styles/colours) and can be manufactured to any given size.

Cast polypropylene bags can be supplied with a re-sealable adhesive strip and a bottom gusset (which is important for a shirt collar to fit inside properly) and can also be produced with a grip-seal closure and euro-slot which is popular when being supplied into the ‘point of sale’ market sector where cast polypropylene bags are also in high demand due to their crystal clear appearance.

Cast polypropylene bags are 100% recyclable which is great news for the eco-conscious consumer and are the ideal choice when the clarity of the bag is critical and when the product needs to be seen in its very best possible light.

Lead times for cast polypropylene bags are in the region of 4 weeks (from design approval) and are supplied in brown kraft boxes which are also 100% recyclable.

Cast polypropylene bags have been the preferred choice for high end and very well known shirtmakers for decades and are the ideal choice when your product needs to be seen as clearly as possible.

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