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Printed Mailing Bags – Durable and Reliable!

Printed mailing bags are as popular as ever, across a whole variety of market sectors.

Usage continues to hit record levels since the creation of online shopping and industry insiders forecasts that volumes will continue to grow over the forthcoming years.

Printed mailing bags are available in both paper and eco-friendly films, so there are plenty of options that will suit what your business requires. Paper mailing bags are manufactured in FSC graded paper – this means that the paper is sourced from sustainable forests. To further enhance the eco-credentials of our paper mailing bags, only water based inks are used in the printing process and water based adhesives are used for the adhesive strip that is applied to the lip. One or two adhesive lips can be applied to our mailing bags (both versions), the double adhesive strips are used for returns.

Our paper mailing bags are definitely the most eco-friendly mailing bag that is available today, they are both compostable and recyclable and do a fantastic job in helping to promote your brand and also make it clear that your organisation cares about the environment.

Polythene printed mailing bags can now be manufactured in a range of eco-friendly films, fully degradable versions are available but the most popular type in 2023 has been the printed mailing bag that contains 100% recycled content. This type of printed polythene mailing bag is not only fully recyclable but has been produced using only recycled content. Many of the UK’s leading clothing brands opt for this type of printed mailing bag, polythene printed mailing bags are also stronger and more durable than printed paper mailing bags and have the added benefit of being water resistant too.

Whatever your requirements are, Elliott Packaging are able to supply, from as little as 500 to millions a month, we are the market leader in the printed mailing bag market and will be able to find a cost effective solution that will fit in with your company ethos perfectly. Check out our full product range here.

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